Who is VerCor?

Who am I?

My name is Ife. I thought it would be helpful to give you the phonetic spelling, but that didn’t change much… are you ready? Here we go: [ife]

I was born in 1987, graduated in 2009 as a social worker in Gent followed by one year of statistics and HRM at the university of Leuven, married my true love in 2010 and became a proud mom to two supercalifragilisticexpialidocious kids.

The first 7 years of my career, I worked in HR: recruitment and selection, training and evaluation, payroll and loads of administration filled my days more than you could know. But whenever I saw a chance, I fled my desk and ran into production. The personal contacts with the supervisors, check-in with the new starters, catching a glimpse of the production process… it filled me with energy.

The superficial and hectic HR-world left me unsatisfied and I longed to make at least a little contribution to a better world. I was grateful when I got an opportunity at a Social Assistance Organisation. This completely changed my life. For the first time in my career everything made sense. I was born to do this.

I felt enormously privileged every time a client let me into their world. Day after day, I got to experience the struggles that haunted their daily life and I was grateful that I could, at least a little bit, support them in their fights. This left me with an admiration and deep respect for everybody with a disability. Following my desire to empower my clients, coaching-ife was born.

What can we do for you?

How can I help you?

I feel privileged to accompany you on your search. I will treat your questions and troubles as I would like to see someone handle mine: honest, without judgment and driven to find answers.

I will support you in the organisation of your healthcare: together we will find out which organisations can provide a customised answer. We will investigate the support from within your own network, volunteers, individual companions, professional caretakers and VAPH-accredited care providers.

I’ll guide you when it comes to administration and management of the PAB or PVB budget and how to optimize it.

I want to empower you. I am pragmatic, efficient and accurate when it comes to administration. But my greatest strength lies within customisation and personal approach. You are what matters to me. Not how I can convert your demand into my offer, but how I can adapt my offer to your demand.

Maybe you’re looking for a VAPH-accredited care provider, but it scares you to handle the contracts or investigate which care provider matches your wishes. I will stand by you and accompany you into partnership with the care provider of your choice.

Perhaps you would like to organise your care at home and you have to rely on various services in order to do so? Do you want administrational support and aid with the organisation? You can count on me to help you.

I will be here whenever a question arises concerning the organisation of customised care, the use of your PAB / PVB and the communication towards social and professional network and administrators.


I'll stand by your side,

You won't be standing alone!



A lot of organisations and self-employed people are billing by the hour. This principle doesn’t suite me as I would like to check-in with you and provide a follow-up for your questions without the threat of causing a new invoice. This made me design an all-in-package.

When you go through the prices below, you will not find any references to travel costs or extra expenses. These prices are all-in, assuming we come to a long-term agreement. Any specific questions or an one-time assignment will be charged at 67.5€/hour.

Everything starts with an introduction of course. This interview will lasts a maximum of one hour and is free of charge. During this meeting, I'll listen to your questions and consider how I can support you. If you decide to continue working with me, you can join one of the packages below.

Perhaps you would like to get started right away during this first visit. This may, for example, involve starting up the PAB or PVB. That is possible of course. The working hours after the free introduction will be billed at the normal rate. However, if you decide to step into one of the packages, you will receive a discount of 67.5 € on the first invoice.



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